Meet Danielle


It's never about how much it costs, to me it is about the feeling and memories it reminds you of when you are wearing that special jewelry.  I believe that your jewelry makes a statement, is your armor, and shows a little bit of who you are before you even speak.

The main reason behind WBD is my #1 beach babe, Josie, my grandmother (better known as the GOAT to me).  She was a woman with very little means but "figured it out" when it came to her accessories.  She had a love for the fun holiday pieces (IE: cat with a Santa hat and a matching brooch).  She never cared what anyone else thought of her crazy, beautiful jewels because they represented her.  Josie never left the house without some piece of (oversized) jewelry on her, something I have learned and adopted.
When I started in early 2020, my love of the beach, one-of-a-kind, and unique pieces from my travels became the reason I knew resin was MY medium.  Josie typically wore clip on's because of all the earrings she wore, she eventually had a tear.  With a few of my young friends also having torn lobes I wanted to create a solution so they could still wear oversized and bold jewels without the weight. 
3 years later, I've done shows all over New England, had my jewels featured on TV, made numerous kitschy holiday jewels that remind me of Josie, and have been able to connect with some amazing people who are bringing their own stories to my jewelry.
See you at the Beach...Washington Beach
Sunshine and waves,